The Saboteur Within

Definitive Guide To Overcoming Self Sabotage

Are you living a life you don’t want?

Regretting not taking a different path!

Knowing you are sabotaging yourself

Stuck and unable to change?

Your emotions, behaviours and motivations are governed subconsciously for your survival. Sadly for many, survival does not equal happiness.

Neuroscience explains why traditional therapies take many years to produce mediocre results.

You turn up in therapy seeking understanding. This appears a very sensible thing to do, but it won’t work.


Understanding resides in your conscious mind, your problems dwell in your subconscious mind.

If you have an illogical problem then you need an illogical solution. It sounds crazy, but it makes sense!


If you’ve ever found yourself at a cross-roads, just not knowing which way to turn then this book was made for you!


With over 25 years of clinical practice, Matt Hudson has created a map to help you on life’s journey.

This book is designed to stimulate a shift within your subconscious, your thoughts, your beliefs.

This is a self help book that actually helps!

Liz Weima

By doing the exercises I became aware of my own saboteurs.

That was very helpful for me to take the next steps in my career!

Thanks Matt!

Do you know how you are sabotaging your life?

Unlock the truth with the simple exercises contained in the book


At last, a book that not only shows you why you self sabotage your health, wealth, relationships and business but goes on to demonstrate how to successfully transform those situations.

You, like me, may have tried making changes in your life only to find your efforts dashed against the rocks of time, by your very own saboteur within!

What if you are bending yourself out of shape to fit into a relationship or job that is toxic to your well-being, whilst thinking it’s your fault? Simply put this book works.

John Overdurf - Author, coach and international trainer

Have you ever wondered what stopped you from succeeding or what prevented
you from solving problems? In Matt Hudson’s delightful book, he creates an
in-depth understanding of how our inner saboteur works and gives you the
tools and the motivation to overcome even the most ingrained issues in your
life. A great read, and even more important, a great solution to our life’s

Shelle Rose Charvet - Author of The Customer is Bothering Me and Words That Change Minds

You will discover case studies within these pages, that somehow resonate with each of us.

Attempting to create the changes that you yearn for through conscious practice and understanding, leaves you chasing your tail. Subconscious patterns win every time.


The book works with you to break the hypnotic trance that is your current life!

Begin coaching your subconscious mind to a better life today.